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This website is the result of a unique collaboration of animal welfare charities and organisations.

We are united by a key belief that children and young people should be educated about caring for animals and the importance of providing for an animal's Five Welfare Needs. This means learning about how all animals need a suitable place to live, good diet, be able to express normal behaviour, to live with or apart from other animals according to their needs and be protected from pain, suffering, injury or disease.

We welcome other organisations and links to their information so long as it meets the above criteria. Resources and visits must be free (or request a donation) and tailored to a family audience. For more information about how to get involved, please contact us.

Latest additions

Blue Cross for pets

We are pleased to have some new resources from World Society for the Protection of Animals. Here is a bit more info from WSPA:

“At the World Society for the Protection of Animals, we have worked to expose animal cruelty and prevent animal suffering for more than 30 years. Working with individuals, organisations and governments across the globe, our campaigns range from ending the mass suffering of industrially farmed animals to protecting animals in disasters. WSPA works closely withe Animal Mosaic, which hosts numerous education resources from a range of international organisations, helping educators around the world integrate animal welfare education into their work. Please visit this site if you want to find out more.”

Why we are involved

Blue Cross for pets

At the Blue Cross we think this website is a great example of organisations working together to improve animal welfare education. By teaching children about the needs of animals and why caring for them is important, we are creating more considerate society in the future.

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is proud to be part of such a useful online tool which can help users to find quick, fun and educational resources to engage children with all things animal welfare

The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals

PDSA is delighted to be part of this collaboration of pet charities and organisations. Between us, we provide a wealth of high quality information on pet health and welfare, ranging from educational leaflets and factsheets, to curriculum-linked lesson plans for teachers and resources for after-school clubs. We hope that making all of these resources available from a single website will raise awareness of the materials available and make credible, evidence-based information easy to locate and access.
Since the passing of the Animal Welfare Act in 2006, all pet owners have a legal duty to meet their pets’ five welfare needs - the five things that all pets need to be healthy and happy. Education is key to ensuring that the next generation of pet owners understand what these five needs are and how to meet them, and achieving this is a shared objective across all of the organisations involved.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity

At Wood Green we are passionate about teaching responsible pet ownership and giving the next generation the skills and knowledge to make pet's lives happier and healthier. By joining forces with other animal charities, a wealth of educational expertise has been brought together in one easy to use location, creating a unique signposting website suitable for a range of audiences and for the benefit of animals large and small.

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