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We know that searching for educational resources can be a minefield and hope that we can help by offering numerous pet themed resources in one place. Please use the key-stage, subject and pet filters on the right to customise your search.

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  • A Free Award from PDSA - PetWise School Award
    PDSA's PetWise School Award Programme provides a range of free resources for school teachers, group leaders and home schooling families who want to enhance their children's love of animals through fun, educational sessions. Created by teachers & vets collaboratively, this curriculum-linked resource gives teachers everything they need to educate their pupils about animals, including how to stay safe around dogs, stereotypes and how to be a responsible pet owner. This programme is not exclusive to schools and can be accessed by parents for individual children of any age when signing up as a ‘home school’. It is also part of the Children's University programme.

    Format: Lesson plans and sessions
    File type: PDF & PowerPoint
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  • Dogs Trust Drama resources
    Dogs Trust drama resource for 7 – 11 years has been designed for use in the classroom or with a Dogs Trust Education Officer as part of our schools workshops. It explores dog ownership and dog safety, offering pupils the opportunity to examine real life problems and dilemmas via role play – building confidence and social skills.

    Format: Lesson Pack
    File type: Pdf
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  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
    IFAW’s new Special Schools resource Cats, Dogs and Us for students aged 2-19 focuses on learning about the needs of cats and dogs, and in turn our own needs and emotions. It includes a colourful magazine to share with students, lesson plans and a number of supporting activities including songs about cats and dogs, animal sensory experiences to explore with students, symbols to support communication, role-play activities and suggestions for a public performance based on students’ learning.

    Format: SEN magazine, lesson plans, activities, audio cue
    File type: PDF
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