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We know that searching for educational resources can be a minefield and hope that we can help by offering numerous pet themed resources in one place. Please use the key-stage, subject and pet filters on the right to customise your search.

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  • Animals and us - learn all about the RSPCA
    Our free primary interactive resource for KS1 and 2 'Animals and us' is linked to the English and Welsh national curriculums. It's a visually stimulating resource for interactive whiteboard or PC, that can be viewed in either English or Welsh. Subject areas include learning about RSPCA and its people, volunteering, animals' needs, pets in general and ownership. There are downloadable certificates for children too.

    Format: Interactive resource
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  • Animation about pet food
    A short and appealing animation for anyone interested in understanding how pet food is made. The film explains the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet, how the industry is regulated and how carefully ingredients are sourced. The film then details the production process for wet and dry food.

    Format: Film
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  • Dogs Trust Science resource
    Inspector Paws is an interactive science resource comprising five science activities and four Citizenship/PSHE discussion topics for pupils aged 7 to 11. There is also a five minute film which follows Inspector Paws on his morning walk, and supports the activities by getting your pupils thinking about everyday science, exploring senses and investigating the five Paws Points.

    Format: Lesson Pack
    File type: Pdf and film
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  • Equine vaccination
    Vaccination for important equine diseases not only offers protection for horses but it is a mandatory requirement at some breeding establishments and for participation in many equine sporting events.

    Format: Briefing document text
    File type: pdf
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  • Happy dog, happy home
    A series of four videos to help owners, potential owners and dog lovers on the best way to listen to dogs. Each video will offer insight into how to care for your pets and help your dog lead a long, healthy and happy life.

    Format: Web page
    File type: Web page
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  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
    IFAW’s Cats, Dogs and Us free KS1-3 teaching pack contains lessons, student magazines, a film and activities to educate students about the characteristics of cats and dogs and their needs as domesticated animals. The resource encourages students to examine and discuss the important responsibilities people have in caring for cats and dogs and the many different ways that people live with these animals around the world.

    Format: Lesson plans, magazine, poster, film
    File type: PDFs
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  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
    IFAW’s new Special Schools resource Cats, Dogs and Us for students aged 2-19 focuses on learning about the needs of cats and dogs, and in turn our own needs and emotions. It includes a colourful magazine to share with students, lesson plans and a number of supporting activities including songs about cats and dogs, animal sensory experiences to explore with students, symbols to support communication, role-play activities and suggestions for a public performance based on students’ learning.

    Format: SEN magazine, lesson plans, activities, audio cue
    File type: PDF
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  • Pet care poster
    A colourful poster on caring for pets - can be tailored and discussed by KS1, 2 & 3 pupils

    Format: Poster
    File type: Pdf
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  • Pet shopping list
    Researching the cost of owning different pets with lesson plan and worksheets.

    File type: PDF
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  • Taking responsibility
    This lesson for KS2 pupils focuses on an animal welfare campaign highlighting the importance of responsible pet ownership for all animals, including exotics. The download includes a 'taking responsibilities' worksheet with text and sentences to complete - suitable for a focus on english, PSHE or science

    Format: Lesson Plan
    File type: Word
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  • Traveller worksheets
    Picture led worksheets on animal care for traveller children. Downloadable picture-led worksheets focus on horse care, dog care, road accident advice, rehoming advice and a ragwort warning

    Format: Worksheets
    File type: Pdf
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  • Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) from Cats Protection
    A Cats Protection online course to help make your home cat-friendly! Cats Protection has a single and clear vision - a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) is designed to give you an appreciation of the ancestry of cats, how this makes them the cats they are today and how to ensure their specific needs are met.

    Format: Online learning
    File type: web pages
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